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Turmeric Curcumin Benefits

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 Doctor Rita Gandhi
Doctor Rita Gandhi
Doctor of Naturopathy Medicine (NMD)

Haldi or Turmeric is a golden spice. Turmeric extract- Curcumin uses are plenty. In this video Dt. Rita Gandhi has shared some amazing health benefits of Turmeric Spice.

Turmeric’s health properties have been researched and it is proven to be a strong anti-inflammatory spice. Indians have been using it for ages in cooking and as a first aid medicine. But are you aware that curcumin (turmeric extract) is poorly absorbed in our body which unfortunately does not give optimum health benefits? Is there a way we could take turmeric with better absorption, without turning our tongue yellow?

Yes, in this video Dr. Rita Gandhi has shared Top benefits of Turmeric/ Haldi Spice. She is a naturopath doctor with 20yrs experience in her field. Watch this video to know more about turmeric spice and the best way to take it.


1 thought on “Turmeric Curcumin Benefits


Very good for arthritis and gout. Traditional anti-inflammatories only target one inflammatory enzyme. On the other hand, turmeric has an impact on several inflammatory enzymes and pathways. In one trial, turmeric was discovered to be able to control 30 distinct molecular targets.

August 21, 2022 at 15:22pm

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