19- Mar-2018

What is Ketosterones? (CissusQuadrangularis)

Dt. Maithili Pashtekar
Dt. Maithili Pashtekar
Registered Dietician ,P.G.Dip Clinical Nutrition

Throughout our youth, the human body uses calcium and phosphate from our bones to ensure proper functioning of our vital organs. Today’s lifestyle & poor eating habits deplete the calcium stored in our body. Hence, it is important to know about the natural herb CissusQuadrangularis (hadjod), which is rich in ketosterones, and its uses in improving bone health.

Every vitamin and mineral is important for the body. Calcium absorption uses Vitamin D. Similarly, to aid proper functions of vital organs (such as muscle & nerve cell contraction, heart functioning), our body uses calcium and phosphates from the bones. This natural cycle must be maintained to ensure proper functioning of our body systems. For this, we require proper eating habits and need to maintain optimal vitamin levels. Unfortunately, our fast-paced life and little time to eat healthy commonly cause bone & joint issues. Thus, safely and naturally improving our bone & joint health is a vital concern.

Since ancient times CissusQuadrangularis (hadjod) is acknowledged for its multiple uses in promoting bone health. Ketosterones are the active ingredients in this wonder herb.

So what are ketosterones and what are their uses?

Ketosterones are plant sterols contained among the active ingredients found in Cissus Quadrangularis (hadjod), which is widely available in the tropical parts of India. Uses of ketosterone are primarily for improving joint health, tendon recovery and bone density, both by active persons and those facing bone and joint health issues.

As finding authentic sources of CissusQuadrangularis herb is difficult, a very convenient way to get this herb with its multiple benefits is by using CissusQuadrangularis capsules by BestSource Nutrition (standardized to 5% ketosterones).

The top uses and benefits of CissusQuadrangularis herb include:

  • • Improves joint health - Fitness enthusiasts, body builders or athletes often face joint pain issues due to inflammation during or after strenuous & high-volume exercise. As per research conducted by Bloomer RJ et al published in The Physician and Sports medicine 2013, a regular dose of CissusQuadrangularis given to men with chronic joint pain in a span of few days showed better results. CissusQuadrangularis has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to protect joint health.
  • • Boosts bone mineralization – Studies on CissusQuadrangularis (hadjod) reveal that this herb works on an integral level {at DNA level}. This is vital as CissusQuadrangularis supplement regulates the bone-building gene. It has the tendency to sustain bone mineral density and helps to repair fractures.
  • • Bone support – A study by Sidhartha D. Ra published in Physiotherapy research Volume 27, Issue 8 August 2013 shows that CissusQuadrangularis and ketosterones directly help the bone marrow to make bone-building cells (osteoblasts) as well as directly promoting the formation of calcium matrix (new bone), highlighting hadjod’s uses to support bone growth and strength.
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  • Cortisol blocker – Among uses, this helps body builders since our body’s natural hormone cortisol breaks down muscles during performance stress. By blocking cortisol, hadjod herb permits your body’s muscles to grow better, with lower pain.

As a nutrition expert,Istronglyrecommend including CissusQuadrangularis Capsule (standardized to 5% ketosterones) by BestSource Nutrition in your regular diet, as its unique combination makes it an essential aid for its bone strengthening properties and has multiple uses to protect the wear & tear of our bones & joints for enhanced health.

Although we cannot get any younger, right nutrition and help from Mother Nature & its wondrous herbs such as hadjod, we can certainly maintain good health and lead a pain free and strong life!

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