14- Oct-2017

10 easy Anti-Ageing diet tips

Dt. Komal Mehta
Dt. Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Beauty comes from inside. Effect of nutrients effective in anti-ageing is widely researched. The present article offers the top ten easiest diet tips such as using grapeseed extract to promote skin care and beauty.

Skin health is affected by intrinsic factors (such as chronological age) and external factors (environmental influences, pollution, radiation, sunlight or UV rays, smoking and poor nutrition). Both factors contribute to the health and beauty of skin. A well-regulated lifestyle, body care, physical exercise, low stress, a nutritionally balanced diet– particularly one rich in antioxidant foods – can combat free radicals and result in youthful lustrous skin that is in itself anti-ageing

Let us discuss the best anti-ageing ingredients and super food diet tips:

    • GrapeSeed packs the antioxidant punch: Antioxidants produce Reactive Oxygen Species or ROS, which are responsible for healthy cells growth, and for the metabolic and physiological stress and immune response. In contrast to grape skins, grapeseeds extract contains a unique group of phenolic compounds, procyanidins, which are flavan-3-ol derivatives and are used in pharmacological, medicinal and therapeutic industries. This was stated in a study in the Journal of Oncology, 2012 PMC3420094. International Journal of Cosmetic Science 2015 Apr;37(2):253-8. doi: 10.1111/ics.12184 concluded that antioxidant in grapeseed extract can efficiently and safely improve a number of skin conditions e.g. hyper-pigmentation, premature ageing, and acne. The study also wrote on natural compounds of grape in the form of procyanidins, quercetin, or resveratrol, and melatonin, all of which are effective in delaying the onset of a variety of age-related skin problems and are now available in commercial products.

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    • Similarly, some studies showed that dietary intake of grapeseed antioxidants helps in anti-ageing and could reduce the occurrence of skin cancer and delay the process of photo ageing. That is why my top tips start with always advising a diet supplement of GrapeSeed extract capsule to my skin conscious clients. As approximately 60–70% of grape polyphenols exist in grapeseeds, a concentrated form or an extract with nearly 95% polyphenols is more potent than chewing on grapeseeds or using skin care or anti-ageing creams or lotions. Instead of opting for grape-based creams, add the Grapeseed Extract capsule by BestSource Nutrition into your diet. This is an excellent product containing Proanthocynidin, which supports circulatory health, fights against the free radicals and is an effective anti-ageing agent.

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  • Optimum water: Our body is 60% water. If there is even a 2% reduced intake of water, the cells are deprived and may not be able to perform daily metabolic functions effectively. Staying hydrated the second among the top easy tips and is of prime importance for healthy looking skin and anti-ageing, a must for all skin care regimen.
  • Load up on Omega 3: Fat cannot be completely excluded from the diet. In our top tips, we recommend switching to Omega 3, which have some major benefits. These include protecting vital organs to getting lustrous skin. For skin care,the healthy fats come from omega 3 fish oil, flaxseeds, nuts, pumpkin seeds, and sunflower seeds etc., all of which have an anti-ageing effect.
  • Plenty of leafy vegetables: Spinach, when cooked, reduces to half, as it is rich in moisture. Among easy tips, this is another way to hydrate your skin along with getting the goodness of other vitamins and minerals in your diet for anti-ageing.
  • Daily detox: Detox means removing toxins from the body. With more toxins, there is greater inflammation. This means more eruptions or rashes on skin, or dryness and dull looking skin. Among easy tips, do a daily detox using a mixture of teas and herbs such as FIT BODY™ Detox Tea .It’a amazing combination boosts digestive health, which directly affects the skin. Moreover, the power packed antioxidants remove toxins and are effective for anti-ageing.
  • Cocoa delight: Cocoa is rich in flavanols, which help in the healthy functioning of blood vessels. This diet inclusion aids maintenance of keeping blood vessels youthful and reduces the risk of age-associate diseases such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, dementia etc.
  • Munch on a tomato: Among the easiest tips, remember that a tomato is known for its high content of lycopene. Lycopene prevents cancer, protects cell growth and health. Beta-carotene is responsible for repairing the skin.
  • Probiotic yoghurt: Probiotics regulate the digestion process and increase good bacteria. This results in healthy skin from inside, making skin care easy. Incorporate curds, yoghurt, or buttermilk, which is easily available as one of the best skin care tips at home.
  • Add lean proteins:Proteins or amino acids are essential for muscle building and collagen formation. They are essential for delaying the ageing process or anti-ageing. Load up on paneer, pulses, sprouts, and lean meat to ensure optimum protein intake.
  • Step up on zinc and quercetin: This element plays a key role in tissue growth and repair and regulates free radical scavenging, which clears the system to provide healthy looking skin. Skin care tips state that your diet must include zinc rich spinach, pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, kidney beans. Also, load up quercetin through apple, broccoli, cabbage, berries, and citrus fruits.

Skin care and a youthful you are not that difficult using these super easy tips then. Add GrapeSeed Extract by BestSource as an anti-ageing, skin-nourishing nutrient into your daily diet for a younger-looking you.

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