5 Natural Ways to Ease Joint Pain

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Arthritis, physical injury, and inadequate levels of calcium and vitamin D are the most common reasons for joint pain, especially knee joint pain. For natural relief in symptoms, it is necessary to start joint care as early as possible.

Gone are the days when arthritis and joint pain were associated with old age. Now, even young people are becoming victims of arthritis and joint pain, usually due to an unhealthy lifestyle and inappropriate diet. Joint pain has become prevalent even among people in their mid to late thirties. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2015, one in six Indians suffer from some sort of joint pain or arthritis. Overweight people suffer from increasing pain in joints, especially the ankle and knee joint pain as these joints are the most overburdened.

The term joint pain refers to soreness, pain, and or discomfort in any joint of our body. Currently, joint pain has become common even in young people.

Various conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, strain, sprain, lack of physical activity, poor diet (especially deficient in calcium), and stress can cause joint pain.

To avoid joint pain in a natural way or to get relief from symptoms of pain in the joints, one must start taking care of bone health at an early age.

Natural ways to bring relief to joint pain and improve joint health

  • Healthy eating- Diet has a definite role in providing natural relief in symptoms of joint pain. Presently, most people do not consume essential amounts of calcium and vitamin D in their diet. I recommend that you include the following natural foods in your regular diet – low-fat milk or milk products such as curd, buttermilk, paneer; grains and lentils such as ragi & soya; and dark green leafy vegetables (at least twice a week). Arthritis, which is an inflammatory disorder, produces many free radicals in our body. It is very important to minimize free radical damage by detoxification. Thus, my recommendation for diet in arthritis is to have ample antioxidants & good fats that reduce inflammation. A diet rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, Beta-carotene, and Omega-3 fatty acids is helpful in relief from arthritis pain of the joints and in preventing further damage. Avoid packaged, processed, and deep-fried food as they add weight, without imparting any benefit.
  • Physical activity- Joint pain, especially knee joint pain, makes it difficult to exercise, or indeed, even to move. However, exercise and physical activity is the most important conventional aspect of joint care. My recommendation is to follow the advice of a trained physiotherapist for understanding the proper exercise & activity required to support joint health, especially if one is suffering from arthritis or knee joint pain.
  • Weight loss and posture change- Weight loss helps in reducing arthritis symptoms and discomfort of painful joints. Among the various reasons for joint pain, obesity is a major cause. Therefore, weight control can provide relief by reducing symptoms of knee joint pain. In addition, how you carry your weight may affect particular joints. This often means that relief is possible with improving the posture. Leaving behind a sedentary lifestyle, proper posture control can provide natural relief in joint pain.
  • Massage therapy- Oil massage tends to improve blood circulation and can improve joint health. Especially if included in an early joint care regimen, oil massage can do wonders in improving knee joint pain and can reduce pain in almost all joints, even those affected with arthritis.
  • Include natural herbs- Research claims that some ancient herbs are beneficial for joints and can impart relief in symptoms of arthritis and joint pain. However, when selecting these natural herbs, one must be extra cautious about the right natural source, effectiveness, and safe application.

I recommend using the natural & standardized supplement from BestSource Nutrition called Fit Body Joint Care, which contains a perfect blend of seven standardized natural herbal extracts- Shallaki, methika, ginger, haldi, nirgundi leaf, bala and rasana for best joint care. As per my research on the ingredients of Fit Body Joint Care:

  • Shallaki extract- Its supplementation in knee osteoarthritis patients was reported to help in reducing knee joint pain, improving pain & swelling in 80% of subjects (Zenica D'Souza, 2013).
  • Methika extract- helps to lower arthritis complications.
  • Adrak extract (ginger) – This herb’s effects were studied and reported by Bartels et al, 2014. The subjects using adrak extract showed pain reduction. The ability of adrak extract to inhibit and decrease inflammatory mediators makes it helpful in controlling osteoarthritis. Thus, it was reported as being useful in joint and knee pain.
  • Haldi extract- has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Nirgundi leaf extract- lessens joint swelling by reducing acute and chronic inflammation.
  • Bala extract- lessens soreness of muscles that eases joint mobility.
  • Rasana root extract- This shows significant antioxidant activity. In research by Shamsul et al, 2017, the efficacy of rasana root extract in scavenging free radicals was held to be responsible for reducing free radical damage to joints and in improving joint health.

Out of the many available herbs that claim positive results, BestSource Nutrition’s Fit Body Joint Care is a perfect & natural way to assist Joint Care for mobility, flexibility, and overall joint health. It contains all these ingredients in standardized amounts. It is effective in reducing joint inflammation and pain while decreasing joint stiffness and swelling. Early and regular use can even prevent joint symptoms from developing.

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Great Post! It’s important to note that individual responses to these natural approaches may vary, and consulting with a healthcare professional before making significant changes to one’s routine is advisable. Additionally, these natural methods are often most effective as part of a comprehensive approach that may include medical guidance, physical therapy, and lifestyle adjustments.

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