Diet, Exercise, Pills: Do they help in changing the body?

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Supplements with Diet and Exercise

Dt. Maithili Pashtekar
Dietitian Maithili Pashtekar
Registered Dietician, P.G.Dip Clinical Nutrition

Awareness for a healthy lifestyle is not just for weight loss but also for a better fitness level. A combination of a diet with balanced nutrition, regular workout & a natural supplement to complement these can surely enhance our stamina and fitness level and help to improve our body composition

Being aware of health and fitness is among the most important concerns these days as it helps to reduce ailments what one can get due to the current lifestyle. Undoubtedly, our lifestyle is the major cause of metabolic issues such as diabetes or obesity. With mounting stress levels, irregular sleeping patterns and no time to focus on nutrition or healthy food, the situation can rapidly worsen. However, since our body is a system that runs on nutrition, which can be improved with weight loss that originates from the right diet and nutrition as well as fitness derived from workout and exercise - instead of merely starvation induced crash diets, it is imperative to follow a healthy routine. A routine of balanced nutrition and a schedule to properly burn out toxins must be found. Once we understand and follow this equilibrium and body harmony, we can prevent many health issues.

So what exactly is a balanced diet?

Right nutrition means having the appropriate amount of macro and micro nutrition in the diet, which acts as fuel to help the body function better. If we do not provide the appropriate fuel at regular intervals, we might face issues such as acidity or even increase in fat levels. However, the story does not simply end here. We also need to burn the fuel each day through the workout as exercise helps to improve the body’s efficiency and helps flush out toxins. This aids in improving fitness and ensuring weight loss.

However, we need to be practical enough to understand that sticking to a routine of a healthy diet or a workout is not everyone’s cup of tea. People have a general idea that they should have a low-calorie diet and focus on weight loss and fitness through a workout. However, cutting calories can create issues such as a headache, low metabolism, cravings, malnutrition, loss of immunity and even loss of luster in hair and skin. All these diet-related factors usually end up creating a loss of motivation and people believing that they cannot follow the right nutrition or diet.

How can we deal with the lack of motivation for weight loss?

We need a combination of a balanced diet and a good activity level, which a natural nutrition supplement can aid. A weight loss supplement can help you to overcome the weight loss plateau while improving your mood, energy & motivation. Therefore, a natural fat burner helps you to not only burn fat but also to accelerate the metabolism of ongoing weight loss and increased fitness.

Do all fat burners have the same effect?

No. Hence, it is a necessity that we select a natural supplement, which is both effective & does not have any side effects visible with chemical-based supplements. I recommend the duly standardized supplement, LOSE FAT™ from BestSource Nutrition, which contains five natural standardized extracts – Green tea, Green coffee bean, cinnamon, Garcinia cambogia & grape seed. As per my research, the effects of these ingredients in LOSE FAT™ are as follows:

Green tea extract: Helps increase resting energy expenditure, increases fat oxidation and aids in weight loss. (Paradee et al, Physiology & Behaviour Vol. 93 (3) 2008)

Cinnamon extract: Contains active form of polyphenols, which help in increasing the healthy blood glucose metabolism, which reduces sugar cravings, thus supporting weight loss. Green coffee bean extract- This has a thermic effect on food, helping fat oxidation, thereby reducing fat and accelerating fat metabolism. (Ohia et al, Faseb Journal 2016)

Garcinia cambogia extract: Standardized to perfection with active component HCA, which helps boost metabolism & reduce food cravings.

Grape seed extract: Contains potent antioxidant, which helps reduce free radical damage to our body cells

At this point, it is very important to mention that a natural supplement such as LOSE FAT™ is a helping hand to support your balanced nutrition and diet as well as physical activity to enhance the ability to work out. With consistent efforts on raising your fitness level, and assisted by the available options of right information that is actionable, we can change the body composition. Hence, the right knowledge and application of the available resources are vital to go from flab to fab. I believe LOSE FAT™ by BestSource Nutrition is a unique supplement that helps to fulfill the missing gap most people seeking weight loss face, thus helping painless weight loss, better nutrition, and improved fitness levels.

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