Fit body and joints: What Athletes should do?

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Dt. Komal Mehta
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Maintaining joint fitness is a complex issue.Sore joints or knee pain is of great concern for athletes and active persons. Preventing joint related problems is of utmost importance, and we advise you about how supplements and other factors may aid you in maintaining joint health.

Joints connect two bones in the human body. Joints are cushioned by synovial fluid and cartilages, which lubricate the joint and help ensure joint health. Intense training, competitions, where joints face a lot of stress, can damage the lubrication and health of joints. Such cases may interfere with fit persons and athletes that are training, participating in races and affect their fitness and performance. Stiffness, knee pain, sore joints, dislocation, and arthritis are frequent complaints regardless of the age of athletes. Majorly, this happens due to overtraining, lifting too heavy weights, long training hours, not taking enough recuperating time, imperfect weightlifting forms, improper or no warm-up or cool down, or inadequate nutrient intake for maintaining weight and health goals that may be too demanding.

Maintaining healthy joints and fitness is significant for athletes’ optimum performance in competitions and regular training, along with longevity.

I would like to discuss a few points to maintain fitness and good functioning for long-term joint health:

  • Stop over training: Are you doing more than 10% more of the volume or intensity of your workout regimen in a week? This is a classic sign of overtraining in athletes, which may cause sore joints or knee pain, which lasts more than 24-48 hours. Moreover, it can get very stressful on the knees and other major joints of athletes and may result in damage and injury. Ideally, keep up with your own constant pace. A commonsense suggestion is to stick to how much intensity of exercise your body can comfortably take. Being patient in training for fitness shows the best results and prevents injury.
  • Nourish the joints: Nourishing joints for fitness with nutrients such as calcium, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Omega 3 fish oil etc. is necessary for athletes. Vitamin D plays a key role in absorbing calcium and muscle regeneration. Vitamin C builds ligaments, tendons, collagen, and boosts immunity. Incorporating Omega-3 fish oil supplements, such as the one from BestSource Nutrition can enhance joint health and lower the sore joints problem as it provides the necessary EPA and DHA required to reduce inflammation and promote bone and joint health.
  • Supplements: A well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet is the first line of defense for inflammation. However, it is imperative to select natural supplements rather than steroids or other available products not backed by studies that can cause side effects and may hamper health and fitness levels in athletes. For better results, a combination of nature’s goodness can be opted for using the BestSource Nutrition product FIT BODY Joint Care. This product contains ayurvedic natural herbs known since ancient times which reduce knee pain, sore joints, inflammation, joint swelling, or stiffness. Its combination of herbs such as Haldi- the gold of India – markedly reduces inflammation while ginger and methi extract help in dealing with knee pain. Journal of Research in Ayurveda in article v32(4); Oct-Dec 2011 states that Shallaki extract showed relief in joint pain and sore joints issue. Rasana root extract, Nirgundi leaf extract, and bala extract are also beneficial components present in FIT BODY Joint Care. Instead of managing different herbs to maintain bone and joint health, it is more convenient to use supplements containing all-in-one natural products.
  • Pay attention on techniques: Warm up all the muscles properly before starting any fitness activity. Using right techniques ensures no damage to the joints or muscles or knee pain. Get a coach if you must! Remember, for athletes, poor form can cause irreparable joint and muscle damage. Also, remember to wear proper well-cushioned shoes, which give stability.

Joint fitness matters a lot for athletes. Maintaining Joints with natural supplements, along with required training, can have desirable results for the long term to have a fulfilling athletic career. It is always prudent to choose the right natural supplements such as FIT BODY Joint Care.

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