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Role of right diet in raising metabolism

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Grape Seed Extract
Dt. Chhavi Goel Manglik
Doctor Chhavi Goel Manglik
Certified Diabetic Educator

Eating right proportions and in the right way can definitely increase the metabolism. Including fat burning foods in the diet and using a fat burner can increase the metabolism to help cut down the percentage of fat from the body.

It is important to understand what is right eating. A healthy diet, with adequate fat burning foods,cannaturally increase the rate of metabolism of your body to burn fat. The body’s metabolism is moderately governed by genes. Along with this, it is also based on the type of diet you eat, which can significantly help increase the metabolism. Adding fat burning foods in the diet increases the body’s metabolism. Both fat burner foods and fat burner supplements aid life supporting chemical transformations inside the cells of living creatures. The following quick and stress-free diet and lifestyle modifications can help increase metabolism to build efficient bodily functions, helping you to meet weight-loss and fitness objectives.

Certain foods result in losing muscle mass, which lowers the body’s metabolic speed. Hence, it slows the rate of calories and fat burn. People who want obvious fat and weight loss through diet must add the right fat burning foods in diet to increase the metabolism as certain foods acts as fat burners. Individuals following crash or fad diets may develop nutritional deficiencies as an outcome of poor intake of nutritious foods.

  • Kick starting your day with fat burning foods or a fat burner:

Green tea, bell peppers, dry ginger, cumin seeds, onions, water etc. are some foods that act as fat burning foods. According to research, water is the best detox substance with no calorie. Drinking water speeds up calorie and fat burning. Fat burner.

play a vital role in curbing wrong lifestyle and dietary intake.It has become important for dietitians to advise and recommend fat burner supplements. Hence, as a health coach, I always advise patients to choose natural and clinically safe fat burners such as

veg capsules of

I recommend taking this product first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as it is comprised of five natural extracts of fat burning foods:

green tea, green coffee bean, grape seed, and cinnamon. All these fat burners help to raise the body’s metabolism.

dietary supplement is an easy and safe way to lose weight and is clinically proven and safe.

  • First meal of the day:

It is essential to start your day with a diet boost from healthy breakfast. This should be a protein rich diet. Breakfast plays an important role and has a high impact on the metabolism. One must include protein dense foods such as egg white, lean meat soups and sprouts in the diet. Egg whites possesses branched chain amino acids whereas lean meat is enriched in iron. These fuel the metabolism while mineral deficiency slows the metabolism. Sprouts are also rich in iron that promotes a healthy metabolism.

  • Vegetables and fruits in brunch: It is essential to add some raw vegetables and fruits in your midday meal. They are rich in minerals, vitamin

Fruits and vegetables can be included as fat burning foods in the form of salads, smoothies, chaat etc. to manage daily calories. A minimum of 6-8 serving of fruits and raw vegetables should be included in your daily diet of fat burning foods. Raw fruits and vegetables help boost the metabolism and flush out toxins.

  • Keep a check on lunch:

Your lunch diet should be moderate in terms of calories. It must contain all crucial nutrients, with cereals coming from whole grains (fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals are fat burning foods) and should be low in carbohydrates. Avoid refined wheat breads, aerated or carbonated drinks, alcohol, artificial sugars, creamy, and fried products, red or organ meat during lunch. These food products’ high fat content and high ratio of empty calories precipitates the lowering of metabolism. Instead, add green and colored vegetables into your lunch diet to increase the metabolism.

  • Ensure a light diet at supper:

Incorporation of right food in the meal is the key to increase metabolism and to make the everyday foods work as fat burning foods. Eat foods with high vitamin, minerals, antioxidants and low calorie. Make sure that your dinner is light to keep the digestive tract calm and well structured. Add foods that need to be chewed foods in the diet. They are the natural fat burners. Non-chewed food is dense and adds to calories. Eat more veggies, fruits, nuts, lean meat, fatty fishes etc. to ensure your diet has sufficient roughage and fiber.

With these small changes, your everyday diet can help you increase your metabolism and lose weight faster through natural fat burning foods and a little help from the fat burner supplements.

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