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What causes high creatinine levels?

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Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

High creatinine levels are dangerous for the normal functioning of kidneys. To recover,one should know how to lower high creatinine levels naturally, using products such as natural nettle leaf.

The muscles produce creatinine by creatine that is present in the muscles.The liver plays an important role in creatinine formation. Creatinine is a byproduct of protein metabolism. The muscle is an active tissue, with creatinine generated and disposed from the body by the kidney filtration and urination. Normal blood levels of creatinine are maintained at 0.6 to 1.0mg/dL in adults. Abnormal blood creatinine levels indicate dysfunctional or damaged kidneys. Thus creatinine levels arean indicator of good kidney functioning.

High creatinine levels may produce symptoms such as weakness, fatigue, dehydration, reduced urine output, shortness of breath, puffy eyes, fever, confusion etc. Many disease and medications damage the delicate structure of kidneys such as long-standing diabetes, autoimmune diseases, streptococcus infection, gout and many more conditions where the kidneys are burdened and not able to filter the waste efficiently, resulting in high creatinine levels in the blood.

High creatinine levels can have many causes, which can often go unnoticed.

  • Medications: Right from antibiotics, diuretics, quinine can cause kidney toxicity and damage the normal functioning of the kidneys.
  • Medical conditions: Obstruction in the urinary tract, diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, infections such as pneumonia, or intestinal infection can also cause reduced filtration and increase waste products, causing abnormal bloodcreatinine levels.
  • Eating excess proteins: Eating too much meat can also increase creatinine. The cooking process converts creatine to creatinine through heat while cooking. Animal flesh, organs, muscles are naturally rich in creatine, which can increasing blood creatinine levels.
  • Use of supplements without professional advice: Athletes and body builders use creatine salts or creatine esters to enhance athletic performance. High intake of such supplements, especially if taken in more than recommended dosage, may increase creatinine production, leading to high creatinine levels in the blood and urine.

How to lower blood creatinine is a concern. A low-protein diet generally helps in controlling high creatinine levels. A diet low in meat, milk and its by-products may help reduce high creatinine levels in the blood. A diet rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B2 is advised. Let us introduce you to a natural therapy that can assist kidneys to function better and tell you how to lower creatinine levels naturally. Nettle leaf is often taken for high creatinine levels to improve diminished kidney functions.

Nettle leaf is rich in Vitamins C and A, which makes it a great solution for how to lower creatinine natually. I have seen great results for patients concerned about how to lower the creatinine levels given their inefficient kidneys show great progress with the use of Nettle leaf from BestSource Nutrition, the source native to India and duly FSSAI certified. Besides removing toxic waste from kidneys, nettle leaf has an anti-inflammatory effect. It removes and washes off the bacterial infection or urinary tract infection to help the recovery of kidneys and improve their functioning. To understand how to lower creatinine levels, the basic explanation is that nettle leaf has a diuretic effect so it helps in flushing out excess waste products of protein metabolism including creatinine.

When renal functions improve, excess creatinine is flushed out. Thus, the use of nettle leaf has effects on how to lower creatinine levels for a longer term even when kidney functions improve. How to lower uric acid is another question when kidneys are damaged. Nettle leaf herb can again come to your aid by improving the urine volume to clear excess uric acid as well. Therefore,Nettle leaf has a multiple beneficial role to play with all conditions wherein the renal function is compromised.

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