10 Ashwagandha Benefits for Men

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Dt. Chhavi Goel Manglik
Doctor Chhavi Goel Manglik
Certified Diabetic Educator

Ashwagandha herb offers immense benefits for keeping men healthy and fit. It is available in the form of Ashwagandha root extract capsules that can be easily included in the daily routine.

Among the array of ayurvedic herbs, Ashwagandha (Withaniasomnifera) has gained popularity owing to its immense benefits for men. Among its numerous names, its name Indian ginseng reflects its revitalizing properties.

Ashwagandha’s benefits for men are numerous. It offers immense benefits for both men and women irrespective of age, as has been supported by various research studies. The well-deserved reputation of Ashwagandha as a healing herb is traditionally known.

Currently, Ashwagandha is available as Ashwagandha root extract capsules. The Ashwagandha root extract capsules possess the complete range of benefits as the herb. The need for Ashwagandha root extract capsules was felt as many people are not able to obtain or use the fresh herb. However, it is easy to get the herbs powerful benefits using Ashwagandha extract capsules.

Chief benefits of Ashwagandha for men’s health include:

  • Controls stress: Ashwagandha supplements for men are recommended by ayurvedic doctors to manage stress. Cortisol is the key stress hormone that leads to stress. Studies conducted for Ashwagandha showed its astonishing benefits and claim that it decreases cortisol levels by 27.9 %.
  • Lowers anxiety levels: Most men believe stress and anxiety are similar though the two are very different. Anxiety is a long-standing apprehension that diminishes and affects men’s potential to work. Research has proved that men who consume ashwagandha supplements or the herb showed diminishes anxiety and were happier than before.
  • Upholds immunity: : Ashwagandha supplements has phenomenon benefits for the immune mechanism in men. Consistent consumption of ashwagandha capsules or herb can make men healthier owing to its anti-malarial, anti-bacterial and, anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Enhances endurance: Ashwagandha is reported to show benefits in building up stamina and strength of the muscles. These two versions of the single coin are directly proportional to each other. Daily consumption of ashwagandha supplement for men will benefit stamina and muscle strength. Men seeking to gain muscle and stamina must add it to their daily regime.
  • Develops intellect: Offering better memory and cognitive development, the herb provides better mental ability to concentrate, improving both reasoning and memory. Consuming Ashwagandha capsules daily can lead to visibly improved memory.
  • Elevates testosterone levels: The most widely reported reasons for ashwagandha becoming popular and accepted among people are its positive results in the production of testosterone. The ashwagandha herb is considered among the safest medicines for raising testosterone levels without any side effects. Thus, it improves men’s sexual performance, imparting libido and strength during intercourse. Ashwagandha Root Extract Capsules from BestSource Nutrition which is standardized to 1.5% Withanolides, are regarded as powerful and influential in enhancing men’s health. Studies show positive consequences to male hormone levels and reproductive health. A study conducted on infertile men treated with ashwagandha has shown notable results with an upsurge in sperm count, quality and motility. Thus, it enhances fertility in men.

  • Improved libido: This is probably one of the most notable benefits of this herb for men. Ashwagandha, with benefits in abundance, helps improving libido, stamina, strength and sexual performance. It will increase arousal, stamina, libido, and increase your sexual performance. It regulates the hormonal balance, therefore ensuring greater sperm count, suppleness and volume of semen. Increase in testosterone is the major reason for this benefit for men.
  • Get a relaxed and sound sleep: Disturbed sleep pattern, insomnia, sleep deprivation is very common in men, irrespective of age. Hormonal imbalance and stress also cause sleep deprivation. For better sound sleep, consume ashwagandha capsules at night, before going to bed on a strenuous and draining day. It will make you relax and is mildly sedating in nature.
  • Prevents aging: Muscles stiffen with age and may even cause tremendous pain. Consuming ashwagandha is good for aging men. It helps in relaxation, tones, strengthen the muscle tissue, and reduces inflammation. Moreover, it contributes in tissue regeneration to help maintain skin elasticity and prevent thinning of the skin.
  • Increases muscle mass: According to research studies, daily consumption of one or two ashwagandha capsules may improve body composition, increase strength and lean body mass due to the increased testosterone levels.
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