13- Apr-2017

10 best tips to shed your post-pregnancy weight*


New mothers are generally stressed about the extra weight gained during pregnancy and are constantly trying to figure out how to lose belly fat, flatten the tummy,and lose weight after delivery. Women's weight after delivery takes some time to reduce due to the necessary high calorie post-pregnancy diet. These reasons add to post-pregnancy depression as well.

Pregnancy is a phase of major change for women health, not only physical but also psychological. A major concern for a woman after childbirth is her changed body image, her extra weight after delivery and changed pregnancy as well as post-delivery diet, which combine to make new mothers worry over how to lose belly fat.

Medical experts suggest a gap of at least six months before a woman should start thinking of losing weight after delivery. This is because the baby draws nourishment from breast-feeding and there are many hormonal changes occurring in the body even after delivery. Since the body needs time to recover from the changes of pregnancy and delivery, it is advisable that a new mother should wait until her postnatal checkup before starting any routine to lose weight after delivery. While previously women remained locked in their houses after delivery due to their enlarged tummy and other body changes, now women need to bounce back to their normal routine as soon as possible, thanks to a more active lifestyle, jobs and changing family requirements. Therefore, for women, losing weight after delivery is important to regain their normal shape and gain confidence.

After the birth of your baby, your days will gradually begin to regain a routine. This time is the best time to put your ideas on how to lose belly fat and weight after delivery into action. Here are 10 proven tips for working your way back to a fitter self and losing post-pregnancy weight, especially from the tummy.

  • Eat Healthy: Post pregnancy, when the new mom thinks about how to lose belly fat, nutrition has a very important role. Instead of eating the extra fatty and rich grandma's ladoos after delivery, focus on eating a balanced and healthy diet. Watch your snacking; grab healthier snacking options such as poha, murmura, roasted chana, sprouts, dry fruit ladoo etc. Do not eat too much of sugary and fried foods. Pre-pregnancy diet and post-pregnancy diet varies. Post-pregnancy diet should contain good quality proteins including milk, meat, eggs, fish, paneer and soy, fresh fruits and vegetables. Space your meals to ensure that you do not eat too much or too less in a single meal.
  • Eat Early: Most new mothers do not realize it when they delay mealtimes because they are busy with the baby. Only a healthy mother can take a proper care of her baby. So space your diet right to eat on time. Try eating your meals early, especially dinners. This will help you maintain a flat tummy and lose the extra weight after delivery efficiently.
  • De-stress yourself: Motherhood comes with a share of extra responsibilities and pressures and it is natural to feel overwhelmed at times. Try to unwind yourself by breathing exercises, meditation, some relaxation exercises, and herbal teas like chamomile herb tea which naturally de-stress you.
  • Socialize with other mothers: Socializing will give you extra motivation to lose that extra weight after delivery. Make friends with other new moms, talk to them about diet and health choices, take walks together, discuss your experiences with them, sharing will make you feel good and also help you lose weight more efficiently in the company of other mothers concerned about how to lose belly fat.
  • Take good naps: Since the baby might keep you awake the entire night during the early months, it is very necessary for a new mom to take proper rest.Take out time for short naps whenever you can. Rest is important when you are trying to lose weight as inadequate rest causes you to retain tummy fat.
  • Exercise: Exercise is the best answer for how to lose belly fat. Along with a healthy diet, exercise boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight after delivery. Focus on tummy exercises to remove the extra flab and loose skin. Do light exercises and make it part of your daily routine.
  • Go for a walk: If you are unable to exercise due to sutures, at least try to maintain a walk routine.Take your baby along with you in baby carrier or pram. Make sure you take short walks regularly. This will gradually help you lose weight after delivery and help you feel happier too.
  • Include dietary supplements along with your diet: Certain natural herbs can trigger the weight loss process and help rapid loss of weight after delivery. Herbs such as Garcinia cambogia, cinnamon, grape seed extract, green coffee bean and green tea are good ways to kick start your weight loss efforts. How to lose belly fat and extra weight after delivery is a major concern for every new mother seeking to regain her pre-pregnancy shape. BestSource Nutrition has the right formula in LOSE FAT™ that naturally works in synergy to help you become leaner and healthier, which is safe to lose weight after delivery.Green tea extract and green coffee bean extract directly act on belly fat. LOSE FAT™ formula also increases thermogenesis and exercise endurance, which directly increase your energy expenditure and makes you active.
  • Stay Hydrated: Make sure you drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.Water will boost up your metabolism and help you lose tummy flab faster. Drinking more fluids will help you stay hydrated and will give you extra edge when you exercise.
  • Seek help for yourself: If you are making all the efforts and still struggling to lose weight, seek help of your doctor and an expert dietitian. The expert can help you design a scientific health plan that will help you lose weight safely and the doctor can guide you on how much weight you actually need to lose as well as when and you can start exercising after delivery.

It is important to keep your expectations realistic as weight after delivery takes time to shed. However, with consistent effort and aid of LOSE FAT™ dietary supplement you can achieve your target. Instead of always worrying about extra weight, toning your tummy, and how to lose belly fat—remain calm,enjoy your baby and follow a healthy diet and exercise regime after your pregnancy. You can take proper care of your baby only when you yourself are fit and healthy.

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