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Face Fat: Natural ways to reduce it

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Dietitian Komal Mehta PGD in Dietetics

Face is the first impression which strikes when you meet someone. A chubby cheek may be cute, but when you want to be portrayed as mature person chubby cheeks do not play a good card.

In the phase of selfies, facebook, front facing snap chat, Instagram etc. where everyone needs those sharp edges and high cheek bones. It definitely makes you more confident as a man. But, No one wants to go under the knife for that undesirable baby fat on the face. A double chin take place when a subcutaneous layers of fat around the neck sags and create wrinkles it is more seen in man as compare to woman. Is there any secret for the face fat to get vanished?? Not really….It’s not as difficult as it sounds! There is nothing called spot-reduction of fat. May be overall weight loss, healthy lifestyle, a few exercise may help tone the chin and face fat. Let me share my natural techniques which can easily be implemented.

Most overt way will be to lose overall weight and fat loss. Overall weight loss may reflect on a face. A healthy portion of fruits and vegetables to add the fiber, phytochemicals and antioxidants which makes the skin glow and also you can gorge on more without getting worried about calories. More of lean protein and limited whole grain supports healthy weight loss. It’s a process to increase your metabolism, to lose or reduce weight with a healthy diet and exercise, I see no harm in relying on some gods given natural herbs like Garcinia Cambogia extract, green tea, green coffee, grape seed extract and cinnamon extract- all this present in LOSE FAT™ by BestSource nutrition. It has given excellent results with difficult targets by reducing overall fat loss.

  • Limiting salt and sugar can give you the desirable skin and look. Sodium in salt promotes water retention resulting on bloating. A bloated face may look more rounder and fuller. Sugar is also linked with excess hormone secretion resulting in bloating. It is best to avoid packaged and processed food which are laden with excess salt and sugar. Increasing water intake helps to not get dehydrated and hold more water. Having optimum water, healthy food and exercise improves circulation to reduce bloating on face and body. A healthy diet and exercise and herbal mix like LOSE FAT™ can keep the hormones under check and chin, face fat at bay.
  • Exercise is an integral part to reduce weight or to lose fat. Certain exercises like fish face, chin raise, rotating the tongue, jaw release can have sculpted muscle toning to reduce face fat, double chin. Blowing balloon can tone the facial muscles, blowing it and releasing the air 10 times fights the face fat. Putting hot towel on face also helps reduce face fat, the steam may help remove toxin to add the glow to the face. Along with this, right approach with cardio workout like walking, swimming or strengthening exercise can help lose body fat, increase metabolism resulting in slender face and no more embarrassing double chin.
  • Treat any food intolerance or allergy. Gluten sensitivity, irritable bowel syndrome can make you bloat and retain water making you look much fuller than usual especially on the face. Face gets noticed first. To reduce face fat and lose double chin it becomes important to take the right treatment for any allergy or intolerance.
  • A solid, sound, undisturbed sleep cannot be underestimated. Lack of sleep is associated with weight gain by many researches. Less sleep may also make the body fatigued and one may end up bloated, the face muscles may sag which makes the face looks bigger. Aim to have 7-8 hours of regular sleep which has positive impact on appearance. For sound sleep one can use herbal teas such as chamomile herb tea.
  • Avoid Alcohol. It can have may other health benefits along with reducing Face fat. Men can see visible reduction in face fat with high energy levels when alcohol consumption is reduced. Alcohol is excess calories and it dehydrates you, so, men tend to retain water leading to face puffiness. Switching to smoothies, healthy drinks, herbal tea would work wonder.

Do resist the cosmetic surgery and make good use of the natural solutions.

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