10 tips to increase male fertility naturally

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Dt. Komal Mehta
Dietitian Komal Mehta
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Infertility is becoming a global problem. Couples commonly face difficulties in conceiving owing to low male fertility, wrong foods, laid back lifestyle & increase in use of supplements.

Infertility is the inability to achieve pregnancy after one year of not using contraception. Male infertility accounts for 30-40% of the cause, which can mainly be due to low sperm count, less sperm motility, environmental factors, hormones, which are all prevalent in metropolitan areas as well as in smaller towns.

The good news is, with certain foods, a healthy lifestyle, and natural supplements, male fertility & vitality can increase. This article lists 10 tips that naturally work to boost energy levels and vigor in men.

Exercise regularly: Studies show that men who exercise daily have better physical performance and boosted testosterone levels. Exercise keeps excess weight in check as overweight men show more sexual problems and may face male fertility issues and low sperm motility due to reduced testosterone levels and ill heart health. Excess weight is a dangerous vicious cycle, which breeds multiple problems. It is imperative to include 30-60 minutes of daily workout to improve the circulation of blood, which is also responsible for high energy, vigor, and improved male fertility.

Try herbal helpers as supplements: Natural herbs are used since ancient times to improve fertility issues, majorly as they have no side effects. I recommend a great blend of such natural supplements, available in a product by BestSource Nutrition, called MOTENT®. It comprises numerous supplements great for male health:

  • Tribulus terrestris or Gokhru extract. Journal of Ethno pharmacol 2016 Feb17, 179; 345-55 states that Gokhru has androgen enhancing properties and is pro-sexual.
  • Ashwagandha helps in dilating blood vessels, which is a key factor in maintaining sexual health.
  • A research paper in Ayu 2013, Jul-Sep; 34(3), 273-275 says that Safed musali has been beneficial for male sexual health.
  • Shilajeet supports male fertility.
  • Kaunch Beej increases libido.

Thus, this natural blend of rare supplements includes herbal adaptogens that support male fertility and increase sperm motility.

Power with antioxidants: Even if your weight is near normal, it is vital to check the balance and nutritional value of the foods you eat. It is important to get enough antioxidants to reduce oxidative stress and to maintain healthy cells, so incorporate colored fruits and vegetables among foods. This may also increase the zinc value in your diet, which is known to improve male fertility.

Opt for healthy fats: Omega 3 or EPA and DHA essential fatty acids are responsible for improving blood circulation to the genitals. Omega 3 is known to be an integral part in the production of sperms. Including Omega 3 rich sources from foods such as flax seeds, almonds, walnuts, and fish in the diet improves the circulation of blood, production of sperm &improved sperm motility, aiding male fertility.

Minimize stress: Stress can impact sperm motility, sperm production and affect male fertility. Stress can also trigger low testosterone production, which directly affects male fertility. Ashwagandha, present in the supplement MOTENT®, is also a known stress buster. Practicing meditation, making deep breathing part of your daily fitness regimen can keep stress under control.

Manage your lifestyle: Women alone do not suffer from hormonal imbalance. Men too have issues with hormones that affect male fertility and semen production. The modern lifestyle is a culprit, with its unhealthy eating habits, wrong foods, lack of activity – all of which contribute to affecting the levels of the main male hormone testosterone. Try to avoid storing foods in plastic, avoid processed meat or dairy, which can produce xenohormone mimicking estrogen, which leads to low sperm motility &count, erectile dysfunction, and lack of libido in men.

Do not smoke: Smoking not only reduces life expectancy and general health but is also disastrous for male fertility. For overall good health and long life, it is always advisable to stop smoking.

Control use of OTC supplements & medication: Certain drugs can have a negative effect on male fertility. These include anabolic steroids supplements, alcohol, oral testosterone, alpha-blockers, and even long-standing diabetes medication. Depression or anxiety pills can also affect male fertility and libido.

Sleep well: Getting adequate sleep is vital for overall health. Poor quality of sleep, sleeplessness, and inadequate sleep is associated with low libido as it sets a chain hormonal reaction by releasing cortisol, which may affect the testosterone level. Brew Chamomile tea at bedtime for relaxing sleep.

Stay positive: Male fertility is a common concern. Focus on improving overall health, add the right foods, supplements, and activities and take help from natural herbs and supplements. Keep an open and positive mind to see positive results and improved male fertility.

Rather than conventional medication, which invariably has side effects, opting for natural supplements can show desirable results of an increase in sperm motility and improved male fertility. This can help you easily roll back to your normal sexual life and improve overall well-being.

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