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How to look good & smart in mid 50's

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Dr. Varsha Mishra
Dietitian Tasneem Ravat
(Asst. Professor, RD, CDE, Certified Sports Nutritionist)

People in their mid 50ies often become confused about how to look smart, fit and fashion forward. They are usually coping with rapid body changes and diet issues, with only a very few who feel youthful. Here is a list of ways to help people in their 50ies feel young, look smart and be wise as they accept their natural age.

Aging is inevitable, but everyone is concerned about how to look his or her best. By their 50ies, many people feel depressed about the loss of youth or about falling into the rut of routine middle age. These are some smart ways on how to look fit, fashion forward, vibrant and happy in the mid 50ies.

  • Skin care: In the search on how to look young, skin care is the first key step. With age, the skin tends to become dry and dull. A smart choice is to drink plenty of water and fruit juices to stay well hydrated and keep the skin soft, glowing and dewy. Cut down caffeinated beverages from your diet and shift to herbal teas such as chamomile tea or nettle tea.
  • Bye bye whiskers: As estrogen levels decline, both men and women start growing erratic skin hair whiskers. Since how to look smart and fashion forward starts with grooming, opt for permanent solutions such as electrolysis. However, if these appear drastic or expensive, a regular trimming or threading routine can help you stay smart and fashionable economically.
  • Love your lips: Lips tend to become loose and lose definition. Fashion forward mid 50ies women can define their lips using a neutral lip pencil that can also help soften the lip line. For men, exfoliation and chap sticks can help maintain a smart and distinguished appearance.
  • Smile please: How to look smart, young, fashion forward becomes a concern with scaly, discolored or missing teeth. Deal with all dental health and hygiene issues. It is advisable to visit a dentist and get an annual dental health check. Dittoes bad breath, which can be reversed by drinking enough water and consuming natural mouth fresheners made of fennel seeds, flaxseeds and garden cress seeds to provide dental benefits and improve overall health.
  • Hi HAND some: Hands tend to wrinkle and they loose their firm shape. Moisturized hands with trimmed nails are vital issues that help you negotiate how to look smart and fashion forward in the mid 50ies.
  • Hair do: How to look smart when the hair turns grey, coarse or thin is a concern in the mid 50iess. A proper diet that includes adequate amounts of proteins, water intake, fruits and vegetables will not only help to improve the hair texture but also delay graying of hair. Add a natural herbal tea such as nettle leaf tea that contains phytochemicals to improve hair health.
  • Flexi yoga: Lose of body shape makes people feel embarrassed and body conscious in the mid 50ies. Some cannot fit into their good clothes, lowering morale. How to look fit is about enhancing flexibility through yoga. Yoga also helps to de-stress.
  • Color my life: To be age appropriate yet fashion forward and smart, choose neutral colors instead of dark ones as dark colors emphasize sagging skin. However, add to your lively spirit by choosing flowery prints or experiment with bold prints. No one is ever too old to wear denim. Jeans have no age bar; hence to look smart, opt for jeans and a crisp white shirt.
  • Specky eyes: How to look trendy in the mid 50’s can be easy with accessories such as spectacles. Eyes are a good indication for a general health. One should never forget the numbers. Many people try to ignore sight problems and try to struggle to read or see things simply because they do not want to change their current glasses or go for an eye checkup. An experienced ophthalmologist can find you discover hidden ailments such as hypertension or glaucoma. How to look smart involves taking care of your eye health. Even if you have never worn glasses, get an eye check up done. A good fashionable frame can help enhance your looks in the mid 50ies.
  • Heels or Flats: Ill-fitting stilettos or pointy-toed shoes cause lower back problems and lead to bunions and aching legs. Wearing good shoes, wedges or flat heels can support your feet, legs and back. Fashion decrees should be circumvented for comfort in this age.
  • Move it: Even if the mid 50ies have been generous and gifted you an abdomen like a football or if you have been a couch potato throughout the years, start moving and exercise. To stay fit and to look smart, combine weight training with cardio exercises. Weight training exercises increase bone density and enhance skeletal fitness. Exercise is considered a wonder drug to prevent aging and remaining youthful.
  • No fad/ crash diets: Due to lowered metabolism, this age creates sudden gain in weight. In such instances, people get worried and go on crash diets. Crash diets may help to lose weight quickly but these diets have numerous associated side effects. One should consistently lose weight by eating smart.
  • Sleep right: Seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary at night. Lack of sleep due to stress or hormonal imbalance affects immunity and increases susceptibility to illness. For a good night sleep, drink a decoction of chamomile herbal tea. It will help facilitate sound sleep.
  • Feed your body: Diet plays an important role all through the life. Fruits and vegetable consumption help to lower the risk of non-communicable diseases. Dietary intake of omega 3 fatty acids and red clover herb can boost health, also helping cure menopausal symptoms in the mid 50ies.
  • Cut sugar from your diet: Excess sugar hastens the aging process by exacerbating the process of glycation. Getting rid of sugar makes the skin look younger and brighter.
  • No smoking: Smoking decrease oxygen supply to the skin, accelerates the aging process and causes degradation of collagen, leading to wrinkling. Therefore, this is a valid reason to quit smoking.
  • Gut health: An unhealthy gut reflects poor health. For a healthy and fit gut, include probiotic supplements in your daily diet to increase the levels of good gut flora, improving your quality of life.
  • Herbal wealth: Cinnamon contains active polyphenols, which reduce cravings for sugar, thus promoting healthy blood glucose levels. Catechins present in green tea help to increase metabolism, thus enhancing healthy weight loss. The supplement LOSE FAT™ from BestSource Nutrition, has cinnamon and green tea extracts among its five natural ingredients. Another ingredient of LOSE FAT™ (grape seed extract) targets lowering of inflammation and protects the skin cells and other body cells from free radical damage.
  • Happy time: How to look young is easy when you spend time doing things that make you feel good, happy and fit. This is not only nice for you but also for others. It also improves ones mood.
  • Alcohol is injurious to health: Alcohol causes dehydration and it kills the appetite. Moreover, its general inflammatory effect on the body encourages aging.
  • Supplement right: It is best to meet the dietary nutrient requirements through the regular natural diet. However, one should opt for dietary supplements to meet any nutritional shortfalls. However, all supplements should be used after consultation with a registered dietitian.
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