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Weight loss pills: Are they effective?

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Too many pills and inch tape

Dt Komal Mehta
Dietitian Komal Mehta
PGD in Dietetics

Many different weight loss solutions are available as chemical ornatural weight loss pills, supplements or capsules. Weight loss supplements work effectively viausing mechanisms such as increasing metabolism, suppressing appetite, increasing fat burning etc. These effects of weight loss supplements seem to work like magic in some health conditions, but may prove dubious unless the right products are selected and used.

Newspapers and the internet is full of advertisements claiming“10 Kg weight loss in 15 days” or “5 kg weight loss without diet and exercise” or “magical fat cutter pill”. These claims seem very tempting.Yet, the real question is whether such synthetic or natural weight loss pills are effective?

As a Dietician, I feel that in some health conditions, diet and exercise cannot work by themselves to ensure weight loss. In such cases, I recommend the use of natural weight loss pills, capsules or supplements to provide a push-start to the stagnant weight loss process. Since natural dietary supplements or capsules or pill are very different from chemical based or synthetic drugs in their effects and applications, I advise the natural weight loss pills or supplements as a wise choice. However, even among natural supplements, capsules or weight loss pills, the natural ingredients should be of high quality and efficacy.

This is why I always recommend LOSE FAT™ from BestSource Nutrition. Dietary supplements are intended to supplement the diet with one or more dietary ingredients– which can be vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids etc. Similarly, to aid the weight loss process, in certain conditions it is wise to choose weight loss pills, supplements or capsules that can help to achieve desired weight loss results.

Let us examine certain conditions where weight loss pills work best:

  • PCOD: 80% of women find it most challenging to lose weight if they have PCOD. This is mainly because of insulin resistance and slower metabolism that creates a hormonal imbalance. The impaired insulin function develops fat storage in the body and the decreased metabolism slowsdown the burning of fat. Thus, in women with PCOD, it is common to develop belly fat and laziness. Thus, along with diet & exercise,weight loss pills or supplements can boost the weight loss process. My personal choice is LOSE FAT™ from BestSource Nutrition as it is a right-balanced mixture of five natural ingredients - green tea, green coffee bean, garcinia cambogia, cinnamon and grape seed extract. This combination targets belly fat by increasing metabolism and increasing exercise endurance, which naturally raises activity levels.
  • Post-pregnancy: This phase is the most difficult one to manage,as weight gain is high during pregnancy. The lack of self-care because of the demand of time required in caring for the newborn takes a toll on women. Lack of sleep and stress can make iteven more challenging for new mothers to lose weight. Using Chamomile Tea by BestSource Nutrition may help to calm nerves and to improve the quality of sleep, which is also an essential parameter for losing weight. Once the mother stops breast-feeding, I recommend the use of LOSE FAT™ capsules for aiding weight loss.
  • Joint pain/ arthritis: The condition of joint or bone pain makes it impossible to exercise.This may hinder the weight loss process, especially in the aging. Exercise is necessary to boost the metabolic rate to utilize the calories consumed. Here, in this condition,natural weight loss pills or capsules can boost the metabolic rate due to its composition of improving health and speeding up metabolism. LOSE FAT™ weight loss supplements or capsules by BestSource Nutrition are effective for this group as it is contains extracts of green tea and grape seed extract, which help in increasing the metabolic rate and the fat burning process that individuals suffering from joint pain or arthritis lack.
  • Pre-occupied sedentary life: With the present scenario, a highly social and stressful life, taking out time is a challenge even for cooking a healthy meal exercising for your own benefit. Again, weight loss pills and supplements with the right required ingredients can boost the weight loss in a natural way and help people with sedentary or desk bound lifestyles get the desired weight loss results.Weight loss pill can be the first step to change your sedentary lifestyle by increasing activity and motivation levels, while keeping the mood elevated.

While choosing any weight loss pills,one must check the brand &its details, positive costumer reviews, ingredients, effectiveness and quantity of active ingredient used. The claims made by the product should not be misleading or false information. That is why my first choice is LOSE FAT™ weight loss capsules by BestSource Nutrition, which make no false statement about wonder results and have only safe and natural ingredients. There are evidences and researches done on the efficacy and value of all ingredients of LOSE FAT™.

To summarize, choosing the right weight loss pills can be a wise choice for healthy weight loss.

Disclaimer: All content provided on this section is for informational purposes only. Any views or opinions or claims represented in this content are personal, belong solely to the writer and do not represent those of people, institutions or organizations that the writer may or may not be associated with in professional or personal capacity, unless explicitly stated. makes no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information on this article.

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1 thought on “Weight loss pills: Are they effective?

Taylor Abrams

I now understand how weight loss pills function, including how they raise metabolism, reduce hunger, and increase fat burning. My sister has been trying to lose weight for years, yet she still has problems. Thank you for the tips on using a Medically Licensed Weight Loss Supplement Meal to lose weight. I’ll provide them to my sister so she may utilize them.

January 17, 2023 at 06:57am

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